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Welcome to the Main Chin Dig Music page!

We have organized our songs into the years in which they were created.  We are currently pouring over years of recorded jams and rehearsals to find good takes of the songs listed for each year.  Some of the takes posted are place holders until "better" takes are found in the archives or until they are re-recorded...

The Player below features a mash up of songs from 2007 and beyond!

 We hope you have as much fun listening to these tunes as we did creating them!

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CHIN DIG - 2007     The year the band formed.  The band mainly focused on jamming and working on existing material that individuals brought to the group.

MUSTACHE RIDES AGAIN - 2008    Chin Dig continued working on songs that pre-dated the band, started writing together and played its first gigs.

THREEVE - 2009    The band continued collaborating on new material, reworking older songs and refining its improvisational skills.

NUANCE AND UNCLES - 2010      Chin Dig hit its creative stride in 2010 as shown by the amount and quality of new material.

UPPERCASE NUMBERS - 2011    The band is not sure what this year holds in store but it has a head start on some new tunes !!


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